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Not just words a relationship with Father God Thru Christ Jesus

Being Born again(a Brand New Spirit in Christ) means we no longer are sinners,but Saints of God.

The Lord is speaking into my spirit this morning to talk about being born again(Really being Born Again)Many think,just by answering an altar call is it,just speaking those words ,they think they are in.Wrong. It is not Just by Believing .(which is the 1st step to your salvation in God )
.....Remembering here,the devil believes too.You do not confess your sins to any human repent away from the sins unto Father God..God sees our Repentant hearts

.....2Cor.7:10 Godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of:but the sorrow of the world worketh death.( can believe all that you want,but if you do not turn away from sins (Repent) back unto Father God),you will perish (meaning your soul will perish in hell & in the very end when God resurrects all from hell(the grave) Rev.20:10-14..will be cast into everlasting destruction,the lake of fire.
....sadly religions think the lake of fire is to be purified from is everlasting death of the sinning soul..God tells us in Ezek.18:4 the soul that sins will die(now we know death is in hell and the lake of fire.

..looking at 2Thess.1:7-9 Jesus will appear in flaming fire taking vengeance on ALL who do NOT Know God and do not obey the Word of God .who will be destroyed in everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord and from the Glory of His Power

***Looking at 1Cor.6:9,10 no sin will enter God's Kingdom not be serving any sin at all, if you do you serve the devil and his works not God and His Works....Not Preaching here..but what God is saying . (all unbelievers & unrepentant sinners die in hell & the lake of fire.
......He is a Holy God..So Holy He cannot Look upon any sin whatsoever ..reminding you that ,as His Body(God was in that" Body" 2Cor.5:19) (of Christ ,our Once and for all sacrifice 1Cor.5:7)hung on that tree,had all of the sins of the world on that" sacrificial Lamb of God"(His Son,Jesus Christ) or Emmanuel..God with us..***.God being so Holy had to leave because of all the sins on the Body (sacrificial Lamb of God) This is why Our Lord and Savior,Jesus the Christ cried out..Father why hast thou forsaken Me? and Gave up His Spirit back onto Father God from whence it came!!
............First He is finished...Read John17:4 all of the chapter
*******..john19:30 Jesus said ,"It is Finished".............. Now religion perverts that into saying,He was ready to die,saying it is finished.(so they serving man and not God do not comprehend Jesus Christ is our once and for all sacrifice (1Cor.5:7).(Rom.3:25)They think,they need to finish up saving themselves now,with religious works.(False & also Blasphemous to Holy God)..

........also adding to God's Word about Purgatory (No such place in God's Word.They think they go there to get right with God ,working off their sins(thus rejecting Christ's finished Work on the cross for them,rejecting & trampling underfoot the precious ,Holy & Divine shed Blood ,actually believing they can save themselves by their religious works (not at all of God) .this is why you must read the entire Word of God,so that you comprehend that God Himself became flesh 1Tim.3:16 and John1:1-14)God was in that body that He formed in a virgin's womb (2Cor.5:19) He shed His Own Divine shed Blood for you and me.(Acts20:28) .No 2nd chances after you die,you are what you are when you go & your works follow you and you will be judged by them( Rev.20:12,13) is appointed unto man once to die then judgment.(Heb.9:27) getting right after you die.(Rev.20:12,13)
............your works (being either works of sin of the devil or works of God's Righteousess)Those are the ONLY TWO WORKS!!!!!

.............Religion makes it in to things to be done to be saved..they think doing what God commands like repenting Luke13:3 and confessing 1John1:9,10,ETC are works....if it is a work that you must do,then Holy Spirit is not leading you.

...................Once we believe and receive Christ As Lord over our lives Rev.3:20 and are sealed by His Holy Spirit Eph.1:13,14..Holy Spirit leads us to do God's will for us,,,,,it is not religious works.Luke13:3 repenting away from sins is not a work,it is commanded by our Holy & Just & Righteous God...confessing our sins to Father God 1John1:9,10...not a work,commanded by God,if you have received Christ as Lord and Savior..then you led by Holy Spirit confess your sins to Father God with a repentant heart (or sorrowful heart) God then will forgive us,cleansing us in the soul cleansing Blood of Christ from all unrighteousness...This is what (new Born again Believer do as Led By Holy Spirit and commanded to do by God not by man!!!!

.......Religious thinking on works being like helping someone across the street or with groceries,giving a ride to the helpless...(These are not works that will save anybody)This is a nice person.....going to church as though you do a duty to God..God does not need us,we need Him and we enjoy going to church to worship Holy Father God...(not a work) but the religious pharisees are commanded by their religion to go to church ,to be faithful to their religion,to obey their religion,to pray a certain way not commanded at all by God,to confess to a sinner their sins and to think that sinner gets them forgiven*(Now that is WORKS)Religious works , not of God.

.................Also Know this...1Cor.2:4,13 God's Word is NOT to be Preached or (taught) in human wisdom,but by His Spirit so your faith is not in man but in God.The Human Brain cannot ever comprehend the Word of God wthout God's Spirit which enlightens the Word into our Spirit with great revelation and comprehension!!

.........Acts20:28 Holy Spirit has made us(Born Again Believers )OVERSEERS,To FEED the CHURCH of GOD....which He has purchased with His own Blood...Not human Blood which is sin,His own Divine shed Blood,is pure and Holy & Divine having the power to take away our sins Once we believe,repent away from sins unto God Luke13:3 and confess all sins to Father God 1John1:9,10 By the power of His shed Blood He cleanses us from all unrighteousness.

......................Now there are the New Agers ,believing you only repent and confess sins at long as we are in these flesh Bodies...we are capable of sinning...we always have to repent & confess all sins to Father God before we enter into prayer........Oh The Power of His Divine Shed Blood.....Our Natural birth (flesh)(1st birth) via water of the womb is sinful flesh & blood,......Rom.3:23 ALL HAVE SINNED and fallen short of the Glory of God.(Jesus ,who being God in the flesh,was the only One ever to be sinless)and pure...because He was God.

......This is what it means to be born again; a brand New Creature in Christ Jesus,our slates have been wiped clean ....this is the 2nd Birth which is spiritual...We are led by Holy Spirit to turn away from sins to God and to confess all sins to God and be forgiven.............we are sealed by His Spirit Eph.1:13,14.Now we no longer sin..looking at 1John3:6-10.
............1John3:6 whosoever abides in Him (Christ Jesus)SINS NOT:whosoever sins has not seen Him,Neither Know Him..v.7 little children ,let no man deceive you: He(They) that do righteousness is righteous,even as He is Righteous.
.....v.8 He (They)that commit sin is of the devil;the devil sinned from the beginning.For this purpose the Son of God was manifested,that He might destroy the WORKS of the devil(SIN) os the works of the devil.
......v.9 whosoever is born of God (We who are born again & abiding in Christ ,sealed by His Spirit cleansed in His soul cleansing Blood)..DOES NOT COMMIT SIN..for His Seed remains in him: and He CANNOT SIN,Because he (or they) are born of God (or Born again).
......v.10 in this the Children of God are manifest,and the children of the devil: WHOEVER does NOT Righteousness (Of God) is not of God...neither he that loves not his brother.
2 Masters God and Satan
......2 masters God and the devil,Everybody belongs to one of them and do their works......Remember always
*******1Cor.6:9 KNOW ye that the UNRIGHTEOUS (SINNERS)shall NOT inherit the Kingdom of God? Be Not Deceived:NEITHER fornicators(Sex without marriage),nor Idolaters(who Put anything or anyone or any host of heaven who is not God)before God or ahead of God,Nor Adulterers(sex outside of the marriage),nor effeminate,homosexuals, nor abusers of themselves WITH mankind,.
.....1Cor.6:10 nor thieves,nor covetous (having to have what another has )nor drunkards,nor revilers,nor extortioners,(shall inherit the Kingdom of God).

****......v9 is very clear,,we cannot sin for His seed remains in us...***We no longer desire to sin,we no longer love the world or the things of the world(which means sins) we no longer choose to sin,and in no way would we ever turn back to commit any abomination to God (listed in 1Cor.6:9,10)...No desire to. there are the sins not leading to death ,gossip,fibbing,cussing etc. Holy Spirit pricks our conscience instantly and Immediately we are so sorry in our hearts and confess to Father God instantly what we just said or did,and He hears our sorrowful heart & forgives us.

...........1John2:1 My little children,i write to you thaT( YOU SIN NOT),IF ANY MAN SIN ,We Have an advocate with the FATHER,Jesus Christ the righteous:.
.............v.2 and He is the Propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only,but for the sins of the whole world.......So if you should slip and commit a sin ,Holy Spirit will prick your conscience and you will feel so sorry and repent instantly & confess to Father God instantly.
......1John1:9 if we confess our sins,He(God) is faithful and just to forgive us our sins,AND to CLEANSE us from ALL Unrighteousness.,if we KNOW what is sin and still do not care and continue in the sin anyway...Heb.10:26 ...... if we sin (willfully)after that we have received the Knowledge of the truth,there remains no more sacrifice for sins,..
..........Heb.10:27 BUT a certain FEARFUL Looking for of JUDGMENT and Fiery indignation,which shall devour the adversaries..(Ezek.18:4 the soul that sins dies in hell,the grave Mark9:45 onward and the lake of fire( Rev.20:10-14)

.........finishing this up,The Lord wants that all understand His PURE HOLINESS ,understands about the 2 masters God and Satan 1John3:6-10,That you comprehend being Born again (a brand New Creature (Spirit) in Christ, no longer belong to yourselves but to God and that we are under His Holy & Divine shed Blood,to do His Works of longer doing the works of satan (sin)....Understand full well,any unrepentant sin on any soul,cannot enter God's Kingdom.
...You can believe and sin...but you will not see God's Kingdom.....but hell & the lake of fire.(Matt.7:21-23)
.....Everybody has to understand...2 brothers are in the world now Ishmael * & Isaac or Cain & able as you want to look at....(GOOD and EVIL) across the entire World( Holy God and His Adversary the devil)

.....BUT Mostly understand exactly what it ,means to be born again ...which only God can do ,you cannot make yourself born again...John1:13 only by is about belonging strictly to Father God Thru Christ by His Spirit and His Shed Blood....We are adopted by God now ................serving the righteousness of God and no longer serving satan and sins.

.......Serious thing here, billions are marching step by step to the judgment throne,as they Reject the Way the truth & the Life who God gave for us; serving sin & the devil rather then God thru Christ Jesus and His Righteousness .They are not covered in the Precious shed Blood of the Pure Lamb of God....not forgiven by God by the power of the shed Blood of Christ for us .(Unbelievers,gospel rejecters,unrepentant sinners)

..SIN separates us from God and He does not hear prayers of sinners only those who do God's Will does He hear(His will is that all come to believe and are Born again in Christ Jesus and Repent from all sins unto Him.Isaiah59:2 & John9:31...................You can always contact me   or

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